Česko-Slovenské fórum pro sepsi
Česko-Slovenské fórum pro sepsi
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  • Extend and deepen the knowledge about sepsis in its whole.
  • Apply the outcomes of basic and clinical research from area of sepsis into the clinical practice.
  • Increase both public and professional awareness concerning social concenquences of sepsis.
  • Establish a base for quick and prompt exchange of information, knowledge and experience in diagnostics, treatment and management of sepsis.
  • Cooperate in research of sepsis on a field of epidemiology, diagnostics and therapy of severe sepsis and septic shock, but also of illnesses leading to those clinical conditions. Take a part in clinical studies about sepsis. Extend the progress concerning this subject.
  • Cooperate and contact other international associations for sepsis. Establish spiritual basis between the international associations for infection, inflammation and sepsis, including the International Sepsis Forum.
  • Professionaly, informatively, methodically, educationally and tutorialy cooperate with professional national organizations.
  • Organize at least once a year the professional meeting in the form of symposium, course or professional forum.
  • Support the fulfillness of the Barcelona Declaration in the way of it´s main goal - the decrease of relative mortality on sepsis of 25% in the following 5-year period of time, by all means.
  • The highest principle of all the CSFS goals is the care of patient with sepsis. All activities are concentrating on treatment of patient with sepsis, with the emphasis on his safety, protection and fulfilling of patients rights in the spirit of Geneva and Helsinki conventions.
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Česko-Slovenské fórum pro sepsi